*All prices are valid from Jan 3rd - December 21st
Peak pricing applies from 22nd Dec - 2nd Jan - details to be released mid-2024.

Exclusive Boarding

Single Night Stays

1st Dog

£40 per night 

Additional Dogs

£15 per night

(2+ Nights)

1st Dog

£40 Per Night

Additional Dogs

£15 Each Per Night

Single Night

£60 for first dog

£20 for each additional dog

Some dogs just don't do well around other dogs. That is why we specialise in exclusive stays for our friends on four legs.

Obviously as we can only have one dog (or up to three dogs from the same household) so we do get booked up very quickly. We advise early booking for any important events.

Why is it £60 just for one night?

For one night stays, we still have to go through a full cleaning rota BEFORE & AFTER your dog(s) stays with us.
This is extremely time and resource consuming, especially for the sake of one nights.

Additionally, if someone is wanting to book their dog in for two weeks and there is a one-night stay in the middle of the dates they would like, as is very often the case, that is a massive loss of potential earnings so we have to make it worth our while as well as value for our customers.


The Disclosure Form must be completed in full before the day you bring your dog(s) to stay with us. If this is not done, we will be unable to go ahead with any boarding arrangement. Completed forms can either be dropped off in person or posted to our address (contact us for this).

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